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Postcards from Brom: Dark Fantasy

Brom is one of the best-known fantasy artists working today, and Cartouche Press is proud to bring you 20 of his finest pieces in this postcard set. You know his work from D&D, Dark Sun, Deadlands, and countless card games. Brom is a true modern master of the genre, Michael Friedlander wrote in the introduction to Brom's Darkwerks art book. I am thoroughly convinced that Brom is well on his way to creating his own monumental series of works, much like Frazetta's Conan, Jones' Robert E. Howard, or St. John's Burroughs series.

Collectible fine art, without the high price!

Visit Brom's official site.

Pack of 20 postcards.
Suggested Retail Price $19.95
Stock number 60-2001
ISBN 1-55634-558-5
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Dark Fantasy
Promo Card

The cover image from Postcards from Brom: Dark Fantasy is available as an individual card. Not included in the boxed release, this single postcard is both collectible and a great preview of the 20 postcards in the set.

1 postcard.
Price: Free!
Stock number 60-2002
In Production

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